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Who’s behind The Guide Guy?

It’s me, Theo, Editor In Chief. I have one goal and expertise: finding the best spots for travelers in every destination I explore. My journeys include family holidays, solo travel adventures, and romantic getaways with Marie, my girlfriend.

Here are a few highlights about me:

23 Years of World Travels

Professional Experience at Marriott, LWH, and Design Hotels

My Favorite Memory? Diving in Polynesia

Visited 62 Countries, and counting!

Spent 10 years in the middle east

Studied at EHL Hospitality Business School

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The Guide Guy Manifesto

A Team of Travel Professionals

Made up of travel fanatics who studied at institutions like EHL, the team brings industry insights from years of experience. We combine our journeys to make travel fun and easy.

Guided by First-hand Experience

We aim to share the hidden gems we’ve found, the challenges we faced, and our disappointment. This paints a better picture of what traveling somewhere is really like.

We want your feedback.

Do you have another take or want to add to what we shared? We’d love to hear it. Your experiences, combined with ours, help our content be better for all readers. Of course, we’ll credit you!